Thursday, September 11, 2014


I'm not exactly sure what this means but if it means what I think it does then life is about to get interesting. I never thought this year would get here as soon as it did. Next week I'm turning 40!!! Wow, when did that happen? I ask myself where did the time go and then I remember where it went. 18 years went to school, 19 years when to raising a beautiful daughter, 2 years went to raising and having another baby and 21 years went to being with my husband, 15 years went to one employer and the numbers just keep coming. I have a very blessed life when I think of how I spent most of it. Sure I've made many mistakes and said things I regret but through  each moment in time I've learned something; at least I pray that I have. Some things I'm still learning as the days pass along and I know I'll still make mistakes. When I think of 40 I think of someone who is a lot wiser than they were 20 years ago. Someone who is fearless. That fearless person is someone I would like to meet within myself and I know when I do things will get even more interesting in my life. So my prayer for myself is to embrace 40 and allow God to unleash what I myself have been suffocating and keeping a lid on. I'm ashamed to think of how much I wasted being afraid. It's quite sad. I'll enjoy the rest of the days until I turn 40 on the 16th. I really want to be fearless and  that is my goal and wish for my 40th Birthday. BE FEARLESS.


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