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Final Story: Courage, Self-Awareness, Kindness, Soul-Care and Vision

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Yeah it's been awhile since I've blogged but I was just too busy with things going on that I got sidetracked. I was finally able to finish the book by Jodi Detrick and I just wanted to finish out with some of the great points she gave from her book. I pray that you enjoy these points and that they apply to areas in your life. Again, I recommend anyone in ministry to read this great book.

Chapter 6: Courage
Great leaders make gallant efforts to take risks, even when the odds are overwhelming and the outcome uncertain.

Some women in the bible were braver than they believed, stronger than they seemed, and smarter than they thought. By looking at their lives we glimpse why Jesus-hearted women must be brave if they're gong to lead and last.

If you give fear the upper hand it will displace courage every time. And if those who serve in ministry don't deal with their personal specters of fear, they will be stunted as leaders-or possibly taken out of the game altogether-no matter how gifted they are otherwise.

Chapter 7: Self-Awareness
A wise, Jesus-hearted woman in leadership will guard against defensiveness and self-protectionism.

Having people who honestly tell you the truth is critical.

Jesus modeled for us a non-fragile leadership that cultivated authentic loyalty while allowing for honest expression of thought.

Chapter 8: Kindness
The heart of a great leader and her true effectiveness is based on, and sustained by, kindness.

But being a "first-clapper"-especially applauding those in the rookie stage of life and ministry-is a great place to begin.

Self-righteousness catches the mistakes and misdeeds of others.

We don't correct every small error that others makes.

We don't show others up.

Your demeanor says more than you realize about the kind of leader you are.

Just a few, kind words make all the difference.

Proverbs 16:24 "Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."

Chapter 9: Soul-Care
Not getting enough sleep or exercise. We forget to leave any white space in our busy calendars just to be: be with our families and friends, be engaged in activities that replenish, be quiet and hear God's voice, be still enough to let His love refill our depleted souls....just be.

When your are sustaining your activity for God with very little relationship with God, you will crash.

But God works to grow us as we help others grow, even when we haven't arrived yet.

We can talk honestly about what God expects of us, and what He provides for us, even when we're still on the journey to live out both fully.

Life with ease starts on the inside as we answer Jesus' quiet, simple invitation to the weary and burdened-to those who have lost their enthusiasm and sense of peace about life.

Rest well, Listen closely, and Produce nothing.

Three crucial components of soul-care to consider: (1) Limits, (2) Boundaries and (3) Replenishment.

1) Life without limits is not good for us.

We humans live life best when we live it in portions, honoring the God-designed limitations placed upon our existence.

2) Enough is Enough (Boundaries)

Limit the number of times I check my email or social media per day.

Live with fewer luxuries.

Limit the number of meetings, speaking, writing or coaching assignments per month.

Limit personal expectations.

Take care of relational obligations.

Replace worry with trust.

"Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear," "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strength."

Limit the times I say yes.

"Don't let others, or even needs, set your priorities. Needs and opportunities are not necessarily true indicators of God's will."

3) Replenishment

Gods plans for us to live as a light source for others while we're on our way to see Him face to face, we had better make sure we have, and keep, enough lamp oil to burn brightly through an extremely long and dark night.

God doesn't ask me to solve everyone's problems for them, even in my area of experience or expertise.

He gave attention to the one He was with, in the moment.

When it came to the crowds, Jesus wasn't intimidated. Yet He put space between Himself and the throngs.

Jesus didn't hesitate to withdraw from the multitudes for prayer and solitude.

We simply must be replenished because life drains us.

Chapter 10: Vision
God sometimes conceals, and also reveals, secrets in smallness-if only we have the vision to see.

We catch that vision in different ways: through the inner desires God places in our hearts, by outer circumstances that stir us, and because of the gifts-those God-given talents, abilities, and interests-that beg to be used as an expression of our faith and love.

There's one thing about a vision-once it captures your heart and stirs your passion, it becomes a rudder that steers the course of your life....if you pull up the anchor of hesitation and go with it.

The right vision starts and ends with seeing God more clearly.

Don't let others define or limit your God-given vision.

Vision requires feet. Vision requires us to act on what we see.

Jesus-hearted leaders keep their vision open to course correction.

Jesus-hearted vision shows us the unseen, the things that others miss.

Rest in knowing that your vision is just one part of the bigger picture God sees, and oversees, with great precision.

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