Friday, February 21, 2014


Steven Furtick Sticks and Stones Message

This is an old well not that old sermon from Steven Furtick on Passion. He had four great points regarding passion in people. Isn't always true when we are passionate about something is what we always think about. I know some passionate people that I get to serve with every Sunday. These individuals love what they do in and for the house of our God. There are so many things that we can be passionate about. Think about what your passionate about and how that ties into your relationship with Christ? He gave us those passions but are we using them for selfish reasons or for kingdom reasons?

Point#1 Passionate People carry out small assignments with a willing spirit

Point #2 Passionate People must guard there strength or it will become a double weakness

Point#3 Passionate People interpret intimidation as an invitation to something great. Things that intimidate you; we must press pass the intimidation but see it as in invitation to experience God in a greater way

Point#4 Passionate People will fight to the finish in the battles that matter the most.

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