Friday, February 14, 2014

Five for Friday

So much has been going on these past two weeks and I honestly don't know what happened when but here are some pics from the past week.
Micah is learning how to Multi-Task. Watching TV and working on her laptop.

I went to Corpus for a Baby Shower of a friend. They have been so faithful in serving in His church and He has blessed them with a Baby Girl due in April.

Micah making sure her stuffed animal is ready for dinner.

We've gone to Soy. For Micah that is. She's been suffering from some constipation so we made the switch to see if it will help.

Eating her sister's Ice Cream. Once she saw Elena eating it she had to have it. She had it in her hair and all over her bib and hands.
The joys of memories.
Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day!!!

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