Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow, Sleet or Both?

This is what we woke up to at 5am on 2/6/14. Our first snow of the year. It really sounded more like sleet. All I know is it took my husband 45 minutes instead of 15 mintues to get to work but thank goodness he got there safely. Once it all stopped I went out and took a few pictures. Micah woke up and went to the back door and didn't know what she was seeing. She kept saying uh oh. It's not much but when you live in Texas it's a whole bunch. We don't know how to drive on this stuff in South Texas.
 Micah didn't know what this foreign substance was that was on our back porch.
 Snow? Sleet?
 It looked really nice just thankful it wasn't like the rest of the country getting the heavy stuff.
 This morning at 5am
This looks more like styrofoam crumbled up instead of snow.

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