Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Am I?

I heard a great message this morning in regards to being anointed. Anointing means being set apart and chosen for certain works. To be singled out with favor always comes with responsibility. I think we are all anointed by God to do certain things in our life and sometimes it's hard to figure out just what He is calling us to do. A few things stuck out to me during the sermon by Steven Furtick
1) The ones that feel left out are the ones God has set apart for a special purpose. God is saving you for something.
2) Don't worry about the plans just do what God tells you and let Him work out all the details.
3) Anointing sets you free to realize that you have nothing to prove but only one to please.
Each of these points struck a cord with my heart. A lot of times I feel left out of the ministry that we have been called too. I say we even though I sometimes feel it was just my husband who was called and I'm just along for the ride. I know I have a purpose and for years I've been trying to find what I'm meant to do. Its very frustrating and I know some of it has to do with fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointing and just plain old FEAR. Another area is the plans. Plans, Plans and my current situation with my daughter and her unexplainable fevers I'm trying my hardest to understand the plan and purpose behind it all. The details are something I like to know so I know how to prepare but this current situation I'm totally in the dark. It's a daily struggle that God and I talk about everyday. And last but not least is having nothing to prove but only one to please. That is a tough pill to swallow because I feel I have something to prove to myself. Being a follower of Christ, wife, mom, sister, daughter, co-worker and friend I wear many hats. I want to do it all and for any woman it's hard to ask for help. This message said a lot about only needing to please God with all that I do each and every day. Live a  life pleasing to Him. Be a wife that pleases Him. Be the kind of mom that pleases Him, etc..... I still have a lot to learn and accepting everything and begin to process what I need to do is really easier said that actually done. My husband can vouch for that. Less talk and more action is something we could all try.  

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