Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday

Five for Friday
We painted last Friday at home. I couldn't quite figure out what my husband did and I really didn't like mine. It was too plain but we had a blast and it was very relaxing according to Chris (My daughters "Friend")

Saturday was our adventure Saturday. We try to leave the house to do something besides sitting on the couch all day watching TV. Which Micah doesn't like by the way. This girl loves and I mean loves to be outside. {Photo at Botantical Gardens Austin, TX}

Waterfalls @ Botantical Gardens

Sunday during the Football Games we had an unexpected visitor. Micah the Ghost showed up. Each time she would bump into something she would laugh so much. It was awesome just to watch her and knowing that at this age 1 1/2 she has NO FEAR.

Church. Love It. Love our meetings on Mondays with our leaders. Love the people and Love our community.

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