Monday, January 20, 2014

Chapter 3: Humility

I really never understood what this word really meant until today. Humility means it's less about what you do to yourself and more about how you view and treat those around you. It starts from the inside and it's a "to" thing and it's "to" everyone not just the privileged few.

Christ tell us of certain leadership traps in Matthew 23 and how they can effect us from be a great leader. We are to go for the title only no but we are to go for the ministry. To many times we make it about the title and the authority it brings to have the title. Jesus talked about how the pharisees put burdens on others but were not willing to lift a finger to help. They cared more about position than actually doing the work. Unfortunately I've served with people like this and it didn't always work out for the best. 

In Matthew 23 Christ talks about Pride and Hypocrisy. Here are some points from the book I've been blogging about. Jesus-Hearted Woman by Jodi Detrick.

Preaching over practice (3b) "they do not practice what they preach"
Showmanship over substance (5a) "everything they do is for show"
Prominence over preferring others (6a) "and how they love to sit"
Star syndrome over servanthood (7a) "they enjoy the attention they get on the streets"
Title over task (7b) "and they enjoy being called "Rabbi'"

Pride can disqualify us from long-term, effective ministry quicker and more permanently, than just about anything. I've seen this. I know it can happen. It's not a pretty thing to see someone whose life is full of pride and not be able to see it with their own eyes. 

God calls us to be humble, to be a servant. To know it's about others not just us. We are here for a greater purpose. We are able to serve not because it's a checklist in our life but because it's an honor. This applies to everyone. 

1) Humility is a quality God loves and is looking for
2) Humility puts others at ease (find rest)
3) Humility makes us more like Jesus (attitude)
4) Humility lets you be part of the secret service (giving/serving in secret)
5) Humility allows us to repair broken relationships (saying your sorry first)
6) Humility allows us to ask for help (don't have to do it alone)
7)Humility is a package deal (prerequisite to a healthily relationship)
8) Humility gives us a new perspective
9) Humility helps you find greatness in unexpected places (gratitude)
10) Humility protects us from crashing (when pride comes then comes disgrace but with humility comes wisdom)

I think. I know God has prepared me for where I am now. I appreciate my Pastor and his wife before us and I've learned valuable lessons from them. As I pour myself into books about leadership especially this one I'm seeing how this applies to my life now. How it's like looking in a mirror and just thinking of the conversation I had yesterday after church with my husband. I know God has place this book in my path for a reason and I pray that you learn as much as I do from what I'm sharing and how it can apply to your ministry or you life in general. 

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