Tuesday, January 28, 2014


As I continue to read this book about leadership and what qualities you should have to be a great leader in today's church I'm starting to ask myself WHY it took me so long to come across this book.

In the Chapter "Stamina" it really reflects on what it means to have stamina and steps to take to develop stamina. The author compares two different types of people. Here is what she has to say from her book.

There are Elevator Leaders and Stair Leaders. Here are a few points:

Elevator Leaders (Want a quick and easy ride to the top, skipping everything in between)
* Have to push the right button and wait for the right timing before the door opens.
* Going fast and easy you miss all the developing qualities that God has for you.

Stair Leaders (Putting one foot in front of the other, dealing with incremental levels of leadership)
* By taking stairs you can start at anytime from wherever you are-even at the lowest point.
* You open the doors yourself, you don't have to wait.
* You start where your at and with what's in front of you.
* If you just keep going you will eventually get to the place God wants you to be in your ministry or   leadership.

Why we need "Stamina" according to Jodi Detrick
Sometimes as leaders we say "If I had known it was going to be like this; I wouldn't have come." Ministry life is often hard. Being a leader of anything is frequently an uphill struggle, neither is for the faint of heart. There are certain things we face that require special stamina if we're to be effective leaders. Some are obvious-dealing with conflict or difficult people; the constant wear of decision making; working on large tasks and long range projects; guiding and motivating teams and working through transition. Many situations will find the resolve if we just keep showing up, letting time and Gods faithful relentless grace do their work of transformation.

This is my personal reflection of what I've learned from this chapter.
We can't rush through our life of leadership or ministry. Every season comes with new learning experiences. Good or Bad. We have to learn from all that we do. A conversation I had with my husband the other day consisted of us talking about decisions we made that we probably shouldn't have and I just told him that all we can do is learn from it. We can't grow as leaders if we don't ever make a mistake. Without mistakes God wouldn't be able to use those as teachable moments. We have to keep moving forward. I know at times I just want to lock myself up and reflect and figure it all out but that's not the answer. The answer is to just keep going. If we stop it's only for a moment. I can definitely relate to "Why we need Stamina. " All of the things listed are on our daily list as Campus Pastors. No one gave us a book. Oh, how I wish they did but all of this is learn as we go. Don't get me wrong we have great leaders who lead other campuses that we can go to for advice and we have.  I also know that with every move God has made in our life, He is leading, guiding and teaching us every step. So don't stop!! Keep moving even when it's hard and your in tears. It's all worth it in the end. I believe that with all my heart.

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